Best Frying Pan In India (2021) – Everything You Need To Know

Is your frying pan bothering your cooking experience? Are you looking for a frying pan that could serve you for a long time without any complaints? Well, you deserve a new frying pan which can meet your requirements. Having a futile pan in your gas stove will either burn the food or cook it unevenly.

Also, a worn-up pan will not only waste your efforts but also waste a lot of time. In 2021, you can find the perfect frying pan that meets your expectations in performance as well as durability. There are many renowned and reputed manufacturers shining in the market with the best versions of frying pan this year. But, selecting a fryingpan in India is going to be a challenging task for you due to tons of options. Besides, the confusion created by manufacturers in delivering similar specs and almost the same claims on performance is quite overwhelming.

Presently, Hawkins Futura Non-stick Frying Pan is the best frying pan in India. Just go through the reviews of the top 7 frying pans which depict everything about the product. You can find every minute detail about the frying pan, including the pros and cons in this article. So, without seconds late, just scroll down to the next section. Let’s begin our quest!

The 7 Best Frying Pans in India (2021)

Review of the Best Frying Pans

1. Hawkins Futura Non-stick Frying Pan

Hawkins Futura Non-stick Frying pan

Typical Features

  • Retains heat evenly due to heavy base and coating
  • Sturdy rivets for a firm hold
  • Snug-fit stainless steel lid for heat control and steaming
  • Long-lasting non-stick German coating
  • Heavy base for placement
  • Conducts faster than others  due to pure virgin aluminium build
  • Hard-Anodized surface for stable performance
  • Non-reactive with foods and anti-corrosive
  • Easy to wash due to smooth surface
  • Supports cooking with less oil or no oil

What do I like about this frying pan?

The non-stick coating on the hard anodized surface of the frying pan is based on German technology. It lasts longer, even with prolonged usage on high flame and high frequency of use.

The whole pan is made of pure virgin aluminium which conducts heat better than other metals. It also favors cooking with less oil. Besides, the handle of the pan is connected with two high-quality, sturdy rivets that never come out.

A heavy base accompanied by the aluminium build can conduct heat faster than any other pans. It also distributes heat evenly and maintains a stable temperature throughout the cooking surface.

The Snug-fit stainless steel lid is quite durable and fits perfectly on the pan. It locks the heat and provides perfect steam for the food and thus retains the original flavour of the dish.


  • Foods never stick to the pan even with no oil used.
  • The handle is quite sturdy and possesses good ergonomics.
  • The plastic handle stays cool even after prolonged usage.
  • Comes with two years of warranty.


  • The compact size makes the swing uneasy, but the handle is quite sturdy.
  • The stainless steel lid heats up faster but is useful for steaming.

What is Best about this Frying Pan?

This futuristic Non-stick frying pan from Hawkins is one of the best frying pans in the Indian market at present.  It has a compact yet reliable design with a long-lasting non-stick coating that prevents food from sticking or burning. The massive base of the pan distributes the heat evenly throughout the surface; thus, you can make perfect pancakes and dosas.

2. Prestige Omega Deluxe Aluminum Granite Fry Pan

Prestige Omega Deluxe Aluminum Granite Fry Pan

Typical Features

  • Compatible with both gas stove and induction stove
  • Highly durable and heat resistant handle
  • Hassle-free cleaning as it is dishwasher safe
  • Comes with durable granite finish
  • Good with a metal spoon
  • Five-layer non-stick surface
  • Spatter coated surface
  • 200mm Perfect Omelet Pan
  • Easy to clean
  • PFOA free surface

What do I like about this frying pan?

The Aluminum Granite Fry Pan from Prestige comes with five layers for C3+ non-stick coating which lasts longer than other ordinary cookware.

The top coating of the pan gives a superior granite finish, while two layers of reinforced spatter coat help in preserving the look.

The third layer is an intermediate coating that helps in even heat distribution and maintains non-stick properties for a more extended period. 

Its base coat, i.e. 5th layer, is an adhesive layer for non-stick coating and substrate for better abrasion resistance. If you like this granite cookware, you may also like to read about the safety and health concerns of granite cookware.

The handle of the Prestige Omega Deluxe pan is made of heat resistant material. Thus, it can remain cool even after prolonged usage. Carrying and cooking are easy and convenient due to the impressive ergonomics of the handle.

The high-quality Aluminium body of the frying pan makes it perfectly compatible with both the gas stove and induction stove. The base of the pan is made for versatile usage, which is why performance will be similar in both stoves.

Being dishwasher-safe, you can clean the pan in a hassle-free way without extra efforts to reuse. Besides, there will be no smell of leftovers even with a standard cleaning with cloth of soapy towel.


  • High quality five layers of non-stick coating last longer.
  • Easy to handle the pan with heat resistant handles.
  • Being dishwasher-safe, the pan can be cleaned easily.
  • The aluminium base performs equally in both induction and gas stove.
  • Safe due to the PFOA-free surface.


  • Perfect for omelets, pancakes, and small dishes but not curries.
  • The design could be a bit small, but the pan can be handled easily.

What is Best about this Frying Pan?

Prestige Omega deluxe Non-stick frying pan is a perfect Omelet pan and can suit perfectly for small families. However, the five layers of non-stick coating can last longer even after prolonged usage. The non-stick coating of the pan makes it enlisted in the top-rated frying pans in India.

3. Amazon Basics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan

Amazon Basics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan

Typical Features

  • 12″ cast iron pan for multipurpose
  • Long handle and helper handle
  • Oven safe up to 260⁰ c
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Even heat distribution
  • Compatible with all kinds of cooking surfaces
  • Easy to lift and easy to transport
  • Enables good swing with spoons
  • Flat base for cooking, roasting and sautéing, etc
  • Ready to use as it is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil
  • Beautiful black patina design

What do I like about this frying pan?

The 12” cast-iron skillet of the pan from Amazon basics is one of its best features. It can conduct and retain heat throughout the surface while distributing the heat evenly. You can use the pan right after taking it from the package as it is pre-seasoned with penetrating vegetable oil. Besides, the cast iron cookware can release the food quickly while washing.

A helper handle is also provided opposite to the long handle of the skillet pan, which makes the hold convenient. You can cook and transfer the pan from the gas stove to the sink quickly.

The cast-iron skillet makes the pan compatible with every cooking surface. It is also oven-safe and can deliver the same performance every time.

Optimal retention and even heat distribution enable all kinds of cooking such as sautéing, searing, baking, pan-frying, roasting and boiling, etc.


  • Ready to use pre-seasoned skillet pan.
  • Comes with a helper handle opposite to the long handle.
  • Optimal heat retention and even distribution.
  • Comes with one year of warranty.


  • The rough finish of the surface could be a bit hassle but heats properly.
  • Takes some time on the induction stove but is quite reliable.

What is Best about this Frying Pan?

This product from Amazonbasics meets all the requirements for cooking in the Indian style. If you are looking for a cost-effective frying pan, this cooking pan can suit your needs.

4. Tefal Hard Titanium Non-Stick Fry Pan

Tefal Hard Titanium Non-Stick Fry Pan

Typical Features

  • Long-lasting Titanium plus non-stick coating
  • Smart heat indicator with Thermo-spot technology
  • Compatible with multiple cooktops
  • Welded handle for a comfortable hold
  • Made from food-grade safe materials
  • Uniform heat diffusion
  • Easy cleaning with PTFE non-stick exterior coating
  • Hard base coating with titanium particles
  • 28cm frypan for multi-purposes
  • Ultra-resistant to corrosion

What do I like about this frying pan?

Titanium coating is the signature feature of the non-stick fry pan from Tefal. It is coated both the ways for durability and easy cleaning as well. Besides, the hard base coating provides good non-stick performance with even distribution.

A smart heat indicator is included in the frying pan using Thermo Spot technology. Due to this, the pan turns dark red when the ideal temperature for cooking is reached. You can start cooking as soon as the dark red colour appears.

The handle of the frying pan is complemented with the robust and welded handle that is comfortable to hold throughout the cooking process. You can assure of the long-lasting performance of the handle even with higher cooking frequency.

Not only the cooking surfaces but also the whole body is made with food-grade safe material. It is excellent in heat retention as well as suits all kinds of cooking surfaces from induction to gas stoves.


  • Robust handle with excellent ergonomics to hold.
  • Both side titanium coating makes it super fast in heating.
  • Thermo spot technology is impressive in showing the ideal cooking temperature.
  • PTFE non-stick coating for easy cleaning.


  • The handle could be a bit more heat resistant but is relatively easy to hold.
  • Heats faster but thermo-spot technology does its work perfectly.

What is Best about this Frying Pan?

The Non-stick fry pan from Tefal is one of the underrated frying pans out there. Its thermo-spot smart heat indicator is a great feature that almost everyone is looking for. The pan also excels in the durability of the handles, thus making it one of the best frying pan in India.

5. Hawkins Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Frying Pan

Hawkins Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Frying Pan

Typical Features

  • Heavy Gauge Aluminum core for even heat distribution
  • Highly Durable stainless steel rivets
  • Firmly fixed bracket for proper with proper hold
  • Heat resistant Glass lid with strong steel rim
  • Food grade stainless steel build
  • Optimal heat retention with 3mm Tri-Ply
  • Stainless steel base and sides
  • Suitable for low oil cooking
  • Supports multiple cooking procedure
  • Works in gas and induction due to the 430 magnetic steel base

What do I like about this frying pan?

The heavy gauge aluminium core spreads the heat evenly throughout the surface. A 4 mm thick Tri-ply is also complemented with the core for proper heat retention. Besides, the food-grade stainless steel works well in low oil cooking as well.

With the Anti-spill and anti-drip flange, a rosewood handle is attached to the pan which is heat resistant. The handle has an excellent grip and makes the transport easy and convenient. It is also quite durable and should last longer.

A hard heat-resistant glass lid is packed inside the carton of Hawkins frying pan which enhances the cooking experience. The lid fits perfectly on the pan and locks heat for better cooking and steaming purposes.

This stainless steel frying pan from Hawkins has AISI 430 magnetic material which makes it perfect for induction. It delivers a good heat instantly with the whole stainless steel build.


  • The frying pan has a no-drip flange for food transfer without spillage.
  • Comes with stainless steel rivets and firmly fixed bracket.
  • Heat resistant glass lead and handle are quite durable.
  • Comes with five straight years of warranty.


  • Cooking with less oil could make the food stick at sometimes but is quite reliable.
  • Takes a bit more time on inductions stove but even heat distribution is lit.

What is Best about this Frying Pan?

The stainless steel frying pan from Hawkins is an all-round performer in the kitchen. You can use it on any cooking surfaces, even on an induction stove due to the magnetic base. Besides, the durable handle and rivets provide long-lasting support in your kitchen. Additionally, five years of warranty from the manufacturers is a genuine compliment for its features.

6. Prestige Platina Induction Base Stainless Steel Frypan

Prestige Platina Induction Base Stainless Steel Frypan

Typical Features

  • 7mm unique impact forged extra thick bottom
  • Even heat distribution due to a thick bottom
  • A sturdy handle for safe transport and handling
  • Faster cooking with good heat retention
  • Elegant stainless steel design
  • Compatible with all cook surfaces
  • Build with no of steel layers
  • Thick bottom prevents the burning of food in high flames
  • Perfect placement on the induction stove
  • The handle comes with a fine grip to hold

What do I like about this frying pan?

The frying pan from Prestige Platina comes with a 7mm thick bottom which can cook food faster. The thick base also ensures even heat distribution and prevents burning even at higher temperatures. It provides a hassle-free cooking experience even in prolonged usage.

The stainless steel handle of the frying pan comes with an adequate grip that provides a firm hold and prevents spills as well. Even the handle is highly durable and lasts long in your kitchen.

This non-stick cookware from Prestige is suitable for all cooking surfaces, even on the induction stove as well. The design of the pan and the base is strong enough saves a lot of energy.

The thick bottom of this stainless steel cookware from Prestige ensures even heat distribution. Besides, being dense and forged prevents the food from burning even at a higher temperature.


  • Unique impact forged bottom for proper heat balance.
  • Enables faster and hassle-free cooking experience.
  • Sturdy stainless steel handles with adequate grip.
  • The thick base provides even heat distribution due to the thick bottom.


  • Non-stick surface is absent, and thus food may stick to the surface.
  • The handle can get heated while prolonged usage but the grip is quite comfortable.

What is Best about this Frying Pan?

This stainless steel fry pan from Prestige is one of the strongest competitors among all available options. The thick bottom of the pan retains better heat and delivers a better cooking experience. Heat distribution is perfect even on the induction stoves.

7. Tefal Simply Chef Non-stick Fry Pan

Tefal Simply Chef Non-stick Fry Pan

Typical Features

  • Long-lasting Glide with Resist Plus non-stick coating
  • Both inside and outside coating for easy cleaning
  • Compatible with multiple cooktops
  • Convenient handle design with silicon thumb rest
  • Non-stick coating for healthy cooking
  • Food grade safe cookware materials
  • PTE exterior coating
  • Highly durable build for everyday cooking
  • Versatile functions for gas, electric, halogen, and ceramic
  • Lightweight and ergonomics design

What do I like about this frying pan?

The Non-stick fry pan from Tefal comes with Resist Plus interior coating which lasts long and gets better in daily usage. Both inside and outside surfaces of the pan are coated for easy cleaning and efficient cooking process.

Multiple cooktops support hassle-free cooking with the frying pan. The most common heat sources include ceramic, halogen hobs, gas, and electric stoves as well.

The sturdy surface of the pan is also complemented with a specially designed handle that has a silicon thumb rest on it. It is quite comfortable to hold and provides a good grip while cooking and transporting.

The body of the frying pan is made from entirely food-grade safe materials. The surface of the pan cooks perfectly even with less oil for delicious taste. Besides, it maintains the original quality of the food with the non-stick coating.


  • Durable interior and exterior coating for daily usage.
  • Easy to clean due to PTFE Non-stick exterior coating.
  • The silicon thumb rest of the handle makes it feel comfortable.
  • Comes with two years of manufacturer warranty.


  • The handle could be a bit longer, but the present one is convenient to hold.
  • Perfect for small or flat dishes due to the compact build.

What is Best about this Frying Pan?

The Simply Chef Non-stick fry pan from Tefal is a simple yet efficient frying pan. It lasts longer and provides a hassle-free cooking experience with a sturdy base and 2-way non-stick coating. With all the advanced options featured in every part, it is the most versatile cooking companion.

Benefits of Using a Frying Pan

A durable yet efficient frying pan is undoubtedly the best companion for every kitchen. But, there are a few benefits of frying pan that you must know. Some of the highlighting benefits of buying frying pans include

benefits of best frying pans in India

Delivers crispiness with a coating

Pan-fried dishes are often crispy, but the best part which everyone loves is the coating of flour on the dish. Whether it is bread crumbs, cornmeal, or cracker meal, the crispiness of the coating adds a good feel to the dish. Well, you need to have a good non-stick frying pan to get the expected results.

Maintains a right fat balance

On using the frying pan, you can limit the fat absorption by the dish. There are different oils with different smoke points, and the frying pan balances the smoke point. 

Butter and ghee cooked dishes turn out delicious by using a frying pan. Besides, you can be ensured of limited fat deposition.

Enhances the texture

Frying pan can retain the inner moisture of the food while providing a crispy texture. It not only enhances the taste of the dish but also gives an excellent flavor to the food. Professional chefs mostly use fry pans to get different textures on the dish.

Improves the taste of the food

There are a few dishes which feel tasty only when fried in the pan. Some such recipes include a sandwich, salmon, salad, and scrambled eggs. It would help if you used a frying pan for the recipes which need to be crispy.

Takes less time

One of the best things about using the frying pan is it takes way less time than other cooking methods. All you have to do is drip some oil, place the dish, and season the dish and you are ready to go.

buying guide for best frying pan

Ten Things To Check Before Buying A Frying Pan in India

A frying pan is going to last long in your kitchen with daily usage with the utmost cooking frequency. Thus, you should look for the best option available in the market which can meet your expectations. Although these seven pans are the best options, there are some essential factors that you should consider before buying.

1. Material

The first and foremost thing one should consider before buying a frying pan is the built material. Cooking performance depends on the material used in the frying pan. Starting from heat distribution to the conduction, everything counts on the type of material. A sturdy food-grade safe material is the perfect choice of any cookware. But, you should also consider the durability of the material.

2. Handle

The handle of the frying pan is one of the essential parts that control the results to a great extent. If you can’t hold the pan with comfort and transport the dish, the entire cooking experience ruins. Well, a long, heat resistant handle with a good grip is a smart choice for every heat source.

3. Type of coating

A frying pan can be suitable for every dish only if it has a good coating. Both interior and exterior layers are essential for heat retention and distribution. Food starts sticking and burning due to the lack of proper non-stick coating. Thus, you should always prefer both sides with non-stick coating for proper cooking and cleaning as well. Titanium coating is the best layer possible for a frying pan in 2021.

4. Cooking Surface

The cooking surface of your pan is the place where the food will be placed. But, you should select the pan which perfectly suits your cooking style. You should also consider the frequency of using fry pans in your kitchen as some pans wear out soon.

5. Size of the pan

The pan size that you select reflects the average quantity of food cooked in the pan. If you often cook in bulk such as salad, scrambled eggs, and curries, then a large-sized pan is perfect. But, if you use a pan for omelet and pancakes etc., then a small or medium size pans is enough.

6. Compatibility

Before finalizing the frying pan for your needs, make sure that it is compatible with all heat sources of cooking. You can also include an induction stove or even ovens in this application. Prefer the model with most applications as it can be used for multipurpose.

7. Cleaning and maintenance

Besides cooking, cleaning is also an essential factor to consider. If your pan is not clean to reuse, then you may get adverse smells in your next dishes. Moreover, some pans may get affected due to frequent or rash cleaning processes. A dishwasher, a friendly pan could be a great option in this case.

8. Heat distribution

Even heat distribution is an essential requirement to cook the dish without burning it or leaving it undercooked. Thus, you should always prefer a pan featuring even heat distribution throughout the cooking surface.

9. Ready to use

Many fry pans get in your favor after some usages. Such pans not only change the taste of food but also destroy the structure as well. Thus, it is always better to look for a pre-seasoned ready to use fry pan. 

10. Price

Last but not least, the cost of the pan says many things about the product. But, one of the smartest things would be a comparison in such scenarios. You can simply compare the above nine factors with different products and choose the best deal from the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of frying pan is the healthiest?

The healthiest frying pan is the pan which is safe to cook food without adding the toxic element to the food. Most of the frying pans available these days are indeed safe as they undergo different stages of testing.
But, if you are looking for a proper healthy frying pan, you should look for food-grade material with a non-stick feature. Besides, you can also look for PFOA food-grade safe materials in the pan to ensure it is healthy to cook. A Cast iron fry pan is considered safe from ages as it is free from harmful chemicals that could get into the cooked food.

What is the best brand for a frying pan?

You can always find a frying pan that suits your requirements in the right way. A brand needs to infuse all kinds of essential features in a pan to make it the best option among others.
Highly durable handles, good grip, 2-ways long-lasting non-stick coating, and strong rivets, etc. are those factors. You can prefer any cookware brand which has included all these features in its frying pan. However, these factors vary from user to user as well. All those brands provided above are reputed for delivering incredible products. Thus your choice is easier than ever.

How often should you change the frying pan?

The lifespan of the frying pan depends on the frequency of usage and type of cooking done throughout use. But, the ideal lifespan of a frying pan would be 2 to 3 years. But, there are companies which provide a warranty of more than three years which can be the safest choice.

India’s Best Frying Pans: Conclusion

By now, you must have chosen the best frying pan that suits your requirements and expectations. All the products mentioned above are the best versions of their category. Besides, the manufacturers are also quite renowned and reputed in the industry. Thus, you are indeed on the safe side in either way.

Well, the Tefal Titanium Non-stick pan seems to be close to a perfect product with Thermo spot technology. With this technology, you can know the ideal cooking temperature with the smart heat indicator. However, your selection may differ due to your requirements and expectations in your way of cooking. Nevertheless, you can now crack the best deal from the market effortlessly through this review.

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