Is Granite Cookware Safe for Health When Cooking?

These days you might already be aware of the need for staying fit and thereby consuming healthy food. However, you might not be aware that the cookware you use to cook your dishes is just as significant as the food you eat.

Even if you eat the safest diet, it can still result in critical health issues if your parts and pans are toxic. So, if you are a foodie and love cooking, then more than anything, get an oil-free and easy cooking way. Here is why granite cookware stands as the best one for you. 

Granite cookware not only gives you healthier and happy cooking you wish to but also makes your kitchen beautified by the nice look its granite pattern gives us. The granite cookware also, in comparison to other cookware, has been found in a variety of colors, which you can select according to your own choice.

Are you ready to find out how beneficial this granite cookware is to you or how safe it is?

So, to make things simpler and easier for you, we have examined this on the granite cookware in the market very well.  This article provides you with the details about granite cookware mentioned below.

We all are aware of the old times when sticky pans were in use. These sticky pans, made of toxic substances, when heated up release toxic gases making our food unhealthier. Gradually, newer technologies came into existence and brought forth the none sticky pans.

The material which is used in frying pans is granite cookware by itself. It is one of the best non-stick cookware suitable for our healthier diet. It is included in the list of enamelware.

granite cookware

What is Granite Cookware made of?

Granite cookware or granite pans are made of aluminium or a stainless-steel core with a glass coating covered over it. This glass coating further is made up of mixing porcelain enamel, also known as vitreous enamel.

It does not any contain any granite as its name suggests. The reason behind naming it granite cookware is just because it has proclaimed enamel coating on it giving it a smooth appearance like granite. Also, the coating lends a black color to the pan with drops of grey and white color on it making it look like granite.

It is formed by intermingling the powdered form of glass with the substrate, and heating up to higher temperatures at 750-850 degrees Celsius. This creates a material made up of enamel which other typical frying pans don’t have. These powdered elements after melting help in giving a smooth touch and making it more durable to use.

Is it safe to cook using granite cookware?

This question arises in everyone’s mind while choosing a frying pan or cooking in a granite pan that how best suitable it is for us and to our health. Counting towards durability, granite cookware is one of the safest cookware products compared to others available in the market.

The following things make it safer for you:

  • Non-stick coating: It is resistant to stickiness, i.e., these cookware products have a porcelain enamel coating which removes stickiness making it easier for you to cook.
  • Granular Look: Provides you with a rough surface because of its granular texture which traditional frying pans don’t have.
  • Resistance to rust: It cannot attract rust as it is coated with porcelain enamel, unlike cast iron cookware or other cookware do.
  • Free from chemicals: Belonging to the modern world, this granite cookware or pans are free of various toxic chemicals. Traditional frying pans or cheap cookware available in the market do liberate harmful gases such as PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) or PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) granite cookware is free of these.
  • Yes, to acidic foods: The coating of porcelain enamel used is inert. This inert nature helps one in cooking acidic foods, causes no harm at all without disturbing the smell and taste of the dishes.
  • Cooking food faster: The inner core if not made up of stainless steel can also be made up of aluminium or carbon steel. This presentation makes it different from other cookware products as this coating helps in cooking food faster. This is due to the fast transfer of heat through these cookware materials.
  • Astonishing look: The grey and black pattern of colour with white spots sprayed over it give it a pleasant appearance with a glossy look and also a smooth touch which people love to have and prefer first in their kitchen appliances.
  • Easily washable: Because of their none sticky surface, it’s easy to wash this cookware as the food is not going to stick. The surface also makes it resistant to scratches.
  • Light in weight: Comparative to other cookware, the granite cookware is lighter in weight and easy to hold because of its handle.
  • Durability: The inner layer of the cookware is carbon steel or stainless steel or aluminium pressed. This makes the pan durable and doesn’t let the inner layer of the pan to wrap. Here you can fry it, bake it or sear anything you want of your choice.
  • Provides you with safety: It is safe while cooking over this cookware as the coating will not allow percolating while cooking. It is safe to cook dishes high in acidic content too as it causes no toxic harm to it.

using granite cookware

Advantages of Cooking in a Granite Cookware

Love towards the kitchen as well as towards the cooking and cooking appliances make granite cookware the best option to choose. Because of its aesthetic qualities and durability, granite cookware can be a better alternative to ceramic cookware if using these.

Including all the details mentioned above, the granite cookware is eco-friendly. These make the handling procedures convenient as well as provide sustainable extraction to not harm the environment.

Coming in different colors, granite cookware is useful because of its resistivity towards toxic gases or scratches, its long-lasting durability, and ease of cleaning. These cookwares are easily available to you in the market.

In comparison to others, it is lightweight and toxin-free in nature that makes it one of the best available products in the market to cook your healthy and favorite dishes.

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