Inner Lid Vs Outer Lid Pressure Cooker

As life becomes faster, the need for the best pressure cooker in the kitchen has increased as it cooks faster than usual. There are two types of pressure cookers according to the position of the lid available in the market-

  • Outer Lid Pressure Cooker
  • Inner Lid Pressure Cooker

You can choose either of them according to your needs. This article aims to give you a better idea about inner lid vs outer lid pressure cookers so that you can choose the best one for you without any doubt.

What is Inner Lid Pressure Cooker?

inner lid pressure cooker

The pressure cookers having their top lid placed towards the inside of the bottom are called inner lid pressure cookers. The inside of the pot is smaller compared to the outer lid models.

Inner lid pressure cookers usually have an induction base and are mostly made up of aluminium.

They are capable of even distribution of heat and pressure with utmost safety.

This type of pressure cooker with an inner lid is ideal for nuclear families and as the number of nuclear families is increasing with time, the sales of this type of inner lid pressure cookers are also increasing.

What is an Outer Lid Pressure Cooker?

On the other hand, the pressure cookers having their top lid placed to the outer side of the bottom are called outer lid pressure cookers.

The pots of outer lid pressure cookers are bigger in comparison to the inner lid models.

The outer lid pressure cooker models are mostly used by families having more than 4 members.

The amount of food that can be cooked inside the outer lid pressure cooker is more than the inner lid models.

outer lid pressure cooker

Unlike the common pressure cookers, the electric pressure cookers, do not have any complexity.

Inner Lid Pressure Cooker Vs Outer Lid Pressure Cooker

Point Of Difference Inner Lid Pressure Cooker Outer Lid Pressure Cooker
Design In this particular type of pressure cooker, the lid goes inside the pressure cooker. In the outer lid pressure cooker model, the lid does not go inside the pressure cooker.
Size The pressure cookers which are small in size usually have an inner lid design. Pressure cookers which are comparatively larger use the outer lid design.
Safety The inner lid pressure cooker is considered to be safer compared to the outer lid design as it provides extra protection and can hold the extra pressure inside the cooker. In case the pressure cooker bursts out the lid will not fly away just because of the inward lid designing. In comparison to the inner lid cookers, the outer lid pressure cookers do not have an extra lock and that is why they are considered to be less safe than the inner lid pressure cookers. In this case, the lid can fly out easily and can cause harm because of the outward lid designing.
Volume The inner lid pressure cooker’s volume is less compared to the outer lid cookers available in the market. The volume of outer lid pressure cookers is more than the inner lid models.
Cooking Capacity Due to the less volume of this type of pressure cookers, the pressure cookers can cook less amount of food at a time. As the volume is more in the case of the outer lid pressure cookers, it is capable of cooking more amount of food at once.
Extra Lock An extra lock is present in the mechanism of inner lid pressure cookers. No extra lock is present in the case of outer lid pressure cookers.
Additional Uses The inner lid ones cannot be used with other types of equipment in the kitchen seamlessly. In the case of outer lid models, they can be used with other kitchen accessories like – baskets used for steaming, idly stands, cake mixture holders etcetera.
inner lid vs outer lid pressure cooker

which is better- Inner or Outer Lid Pressure Cooker?

There are numerous brands available in the market that are selling pressure cookers of both types. Before buying any one of them make sure that the build quality is good and the material used in making can resist extreme heat.

As mentioned earlier, to select a suitable pressure cooker available in both online and offline stores, all you need to do is compare the products.

Both inner lid and outer lid pressure cookers are necessary for the kitchen. Each has different purposes. To find the top model for you, just identify your needs first. If safety is your first concern then you should go for the inner lid one.

On the other hand, if you have a large family then you must go for the outer lid ones having more capacity than the inner lid ones. No matter which one you buy you will save time in the cooking process as cooking in a pressure cooker is much more convenient and less time-consuming.

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