10 Best Cast Iron Cookware in India for 2021 – Review and Buying Guide

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about cookware made of iron?

It’s durability. All of us, as consumers, want durable products. So, what is the solution to durable cookware?

-The ones made of cast iron with anti-rust properties and natural non-stick surfaces.

Cast iron is one of the most preferred materials that offers uniform heating and is used to craft kadai, pan, and skillet. The best cast iron cookware in India is produced by Lodge, Rock Tawa, Trilonium, Vinod, and Indus Valley. All of these cookwares are highly durable and safe to use.

In this article, you will learn every aspect of cast iron cookware. Also, read the buying guide and answers to the frequently asked questions to gather more knowledge to choose a suitable cast iron cookware for your home.

best cast iron cookware

Top 10 Best Cast Iron Cookware in India (2021)

Cast Iron Cookware Type Diameter Check Price
Lodge Cast Iron Cookware Skillet 15.25 inches Amazon
Rock Tawa Cast Iron Cookware Tawa 10.5 inches Amazon
Vinod Legacy Cast Iron Kadai Kadai 22, 24, 26 cm Amazon
Lodge Cast Iron Pan Pan 10.25, 12, 17 inches Amazon
AmazonBasics Cast Iron Cookware Pan 10.25, 12, 15 inches Amazon
Trilonium Cast Iron Cookware Skillet 8 inches Amazon
Lodge Cast Iron Pan Pan 8 inches Amazon
Roston Cast Iron Cookware Skillet 10.25 inches Amazon
Embassy Cast Iron Cookware Skillet/ Pan 8 inches Amazon
Indus Valley Cast Iron Cookware Set Skillet & Kadai 10 inches Amazon

Reviews of the Best Cast Iron Cookware

The following five are some of the most reliable cast iron cookware for home use. They are crowned the same by popular feedback and goodwill.

1. Cast iron skillet from Lodge

Cast iron skillet from Lodge

Typical Features

  • 10.25-inches in diameter
  • Compatible with electric cooktops and gas stoves
  • Handles designed for secure handling
  • Black coating for a more traditional look

How good is this Lodge cast iron cookware?

In the modern age, we must buy cookware that is compatible with multiple heating sources. This cookware holds no bar of the available heating source. You can cook on both a gas stove or an induction cooktop. As icing on the cake, you can also put the skillet in the oven.

Cast iron is not a naturally non-stick surface. You need to season the cast iron cookware to achieve a non-stick coating. Lodge, as a manufacturer, takes care of the same for you. This product is available pre-seasoned and ready for use.


  • Pre-seasoned and ready for use.
  • Suitable for gas, induction, ceramic, electric cooktops.
  • Ideal for using in an oven.
  • Very durable cast iron body.
  • Non-stick surface ensures more efficient cooking.
  • Comes pre-seasoned from the manufacturer.
  • Ideal for cooking in the oven.


  • It is susceptible to rusting, but that is common for all cast iron cookware.
  • No warranty available.

Why Should You Buy This Lodge Cast Iron Cookware?

Lodge guarantees you the best cast iron skillet that is too pre-seasoned. Furthermore, the compatibility with multiple heating sources adds to its goodwill. This product is bound to be an excellent asset for you in 2021.

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2. Rock Tawa Induction Base Cast Iron Tawa

Rock Tawa Induction Base Cast Iron Tawa

Typical Features

  • It comes with a wide diameter of 10.5 Inches
  • The cookware has a thickness of 4.2 mm
  • It has a weight of 2.5 Kilograms
  • Pre-seasoned by the manufacturer
  • Available with a 1-year warranty
  • Compatible with induction cooktops

How good is this Rock Tawa cast iron cookware?

Using different utensils for cooking can be a hectic task. It is a time-wasting process that will drain your energies unnecessarily. Moreover, you need to purchase various cookware—that will surge your expenses at large. Rock Tawa Induction Base Cast Iron Tawa is a cost-effective product. It is a tawa that does versatile cooking. You can do both deep and shallow frying. Along with that, it loads your food with nutritious iron minerals. So, it is the best iron cookware set for versatile cooking.

Cast iron skillets play a vital role in an Indian kitchen. For cooking chapati, paratha, or even omelet, they are necessary. So, you might need to utilize one of them anywhere at any time. Hence, this user-friendly cookware of 10.5 cm diameter is perfect. Such a robust dimension helps you to implement it over a gas stove or induction cooktop. This excellent pre-seasoned cast iron cookware cooks faster. It is a wholesome gadget for cooking at a higher temperature.

Metallic cookware mainly made from iron tends to be on the heavier side. But an ergonomic design with 5.2 cm depth makes it an effective heating platform. Thanks to this astounding design, all the heat spreads efficiently, so it cooks faster.


  • 10.5 cm diameter heats the gadget well.
  • 4.2 mm thickness cooks delicate dishes.
  • Pre-seasoned Tawa ensures durability.
  • You can shallow fry or deep fry.
  • It cooks in both inductions as well as gas stoves.


  • 2.5 Kilograms weight makes it heavier.
  • It has a single-year warranty.

Why Should You Buy This Rock Tawa Cast Iron Cookware?

Rock Tawa is an excellent iron cast cookware that spreads heat evenly. Due to its thick wall and longer diameter, it cooks more. Hence, it is the best fit for larger families. You can rely upon its design for that.

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3. Vinod Legacy Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Kadai

Vinod Legacy Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Kadai

Typical Features

  • Comes with diameter of 22/24/26 cm
  • Weight: 4.54/4.54/3 Kg
  • Pre-seasoned by the brand
  • Lifetime warranty available
  • Compatible with induction cooktop

How good is this Vinod cast iron cookware?

Vinod Legacy Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Kadai is perfect for fresh foods. As the heat evades from the food, the freshness evaporates. But with a more extended heat retention power, food remains fresh for long. When you are cooking, the cast iron distributes the heat evenly. So, prepare meals in the best way without undercooking or overcooking them. Place the Snug Fit Glass Lid that stores the heat afterward.

Cast iron kadhai cooks healthier dishes as it has no poisonous coatings. Along with the nutritional iron fusion in the food, you remain fit. It requires lesser oil while cooking because of the particular mechanism. So, the best cast iron cookware set is apt for a healthier lifestyle.

Serve well and safely using the heat-resistant canvas grips. These longer handles which evade heat are best. You can hold them and serve well. Hence, it prevents any thermal emergencies or accidents.

It is a large 26cm Kadai with a substantial storage space of 4.3 Litre. You can cook food for a larger group of the family—Cook for as many as eight people in ago. Throw parties or invite guests with ease. Also, the fantastic cast iron-laden surface makes it usable for upcoming generations.


  • It is a non-stick-coated kadhai that aids in cooking.
  • 4.3 Liter capacity cooks more quantity.
  • 26cm Kadai is enough to serve eight people at ago.
  • Heat-resistant canvas grips help you hold it well.
  • Snug fit glass lid to trap heat and moisture.


  • The non-stick coating is comparatively unhealthy.
  • It is expensive.

Why Should You Buy This Vinod Cast Iron Cookware?

Vinod Legacy Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Kadai is unlike normal ones. You can cook more food because of its larger holding capacity. Thus, you can serve eight people in a single go.

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4. Cast Iron Pan from Lodge

Cast Iron Pan from Lodge

Typical Features

  • Available in three sizes: 10.25/12/17 inches
  • Pre-seasoned to create a non-stick surface
  • 1.21/3/6.14 Kg weight of the three sizes
  • Compatible for cooking with induction cooktops.

How good is this cast iron cookware?

We already know this cookware from Lodge is compatible with gas and induction cooktops. You can also use electric and ceramic cooktops. Please put it in the oven and bake a cake. Lastly, use it over a campfire, and prepare the best meals.

Lodge pre-seasons this cookware to make it easier for the customers. You can enjoy the non-stick nature of the pan right from purchase. Cook your desired dishes with ease. It is not sticking to the pan anytime soon.


  • Pre-seasoned non-stick surface.
  • Durable cast iron body.
  • Excellent heat absorption for faster cooking.
  • Suitable for cooking on both gas stoves and induction cooktops.
  • Durable cast iron body.
  • Black coating as a finishing touch.
  • Handles designed for easy handling.
  • Good heat absorption.


  • Can be a bit heavy for some users.
  • Is a bit expensive to afford but worth every penny spent.
  • Incompatible with dishwashers.

Why Should You Buy This Cast Iron Cookware?

When it comes to cast iron cookware, Lodge needs no introduction. This product is undoubtedly one of the best cast iron cookware pans in the Indian market. The features and the benefits associated, speak for that.

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5. AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan

AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan

Typical Features

  • Available in three sizes: 10.25 Inches (L), 12 inches (XL), 15 inches (XXXL)
  • Weight of the cookware: 2.1 Kg (L), 3.8 Kg (XL), 4.9 Kg (XXL)
  • Pre-seasoned cast iron by the manufacturer
  • Available with 1 year of warranty
  • Compatible with gas stoves but not induction cooktops

How good is this Amazonbasics cast iron cookware?

AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan rocks the kitchen arena. Cook anywhere, be it stovetop or the oven up to 500 degrees F. Unlike other cookware, you can use this cookware over barbecue and broiler. Since it is pre-seasoned cookware, you get so many cooking advantages. Even ceramic and glass surfaces can bear it. In this way, you can swap cooking surfaces as per your needs.

While handling cookware and that to skillet, safety is a foremost need. In support of safety, this cookware has longer handles. Along with an opposite handle, cooking and serving become smooth. So, you get a sturdy grip while cooking. After use, you can hang it easily through the hole. That’s why it’s the best cast iron cookware in India.

Cooking is no big deal with a heavy-duty cast iron that stores all the heat. That is the reason why heat spreads so effectively. Hence, you can cook meals well. It helps the food absorb all the oil and spices.


  • Heavy-duty pre-seasoned cast iron cookware stays longer.
  • It is oven-safe up to 500 degrees F.
  • Longer handles for better grip.
  • A 10.25-inch frying pan helps you cook different dishes.
  • It has a non-stick coating which helps in washing.


  • It is not dishwasher-safe.
  • Incompatible with induction cooktops.

Why Should You Buy This Amazonbasics Cast Iron Cookware?

AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan is great for all kinds of cooking. You can sauté, broil, sear, and fry. It even perfectly bakes because it is oven-safe.

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6. Trilonium’s EcoFe Cast Iron Skillet

Trilonium’s EcoFe Cast Iron Skillet

Typical Features

  • 200 mm diameter of the cookware
  • Ideal for ovens and open fires
  • Weighs only 1.2 Kg
  • Available with 6 mm thickness
  • Suitable for gas stoves, induction cooktops, OTGs

How good is this Trilonium cast iron cookware?

Like all other products on the list, this skillet is independent of the heating source. Use it on gas stoves, induction cooktops, among others. Bake a cake in an oven. Take the skillet on your camping and enjoy a warm meal over the campfire.

The manufacturers provide this skillet a triple-layered seasoning. It is available at the time you purchase the product. So you can start to enjoy the non-stick features right from the beginning. It is also simple enough to season the cookware once again.


  • Triple-seasoned cookware surface.
  • Diverse compatibility concerning heating sources.
  • Very durable cast iron body.
  • Suitable for cooking on gas stoves and induction cooktops.
  • The grip of the handle is firm and easy to use.
  • Excellent non-stick coating.
  • Can be easily seasoned again.
  • Less preheating time due to excellent heat absorption.
  • Durable cast iron build quality.


  • Weighing 3 kgs this cookware is among the heaviests.
  • Incompatible with dishwashers and microwave ovens.

Why Should You Buy This Trilonium Cast Iron Cookware?

This skillet is one of the most durable cast iron cookware. Add to it the triple-seasoned surface. You have the offer to enjoy non-stick features for a very long time. And yes, the price is pretty affordable as well.

7. Cast Iron Round Pan from Lodge

Round Cast Iron Pan from Lodge

Typical Features

  • 8-inches in diameter
  • Pre-seasoned at the time of purchase
  • It weighs only 1.41 Kg

How good is this cast iron cookware for cooking?

Like all other cast iron cookware, you can use this one across multiple heating sources. Be it a gas stove or an induction cooktop. Even if you have an oven or a different cooktop, you are good to go. Enjoy the flexibility and prepare the tastiest meals.

What can be better than cookware that can get easily washed? Just wash the pan with your hand and dry it. In the end, rub it to get rid of all remaining water from the surface. And you have a perfectly cleaned cast iron pan.


  • Best suited for induction cooktops and gas stoves.
  • Can be used in an oven toaster griller.
  • Comes pre-seasoned at the time of purchase.
  • Very durable cast iron surface.
  • Efficient heat absorption.
  • Very easy to clean the pan surface.


  • The 8-inches diameter can be a bit small but is very standard.
  • Might be a bit expensive for some but is worth every penny.

Why Should You Buy This Cast Iron Cookware?

Lodge has designed this pan to be portable. The small size comes with the same features as the other products. So you cannot go wrong when selecting the cookware.

8. Roston Induction Compatible Cast Iron Skillet Pan

ROSTON Induction Compatible Cast Iron Skillet Pan

Typical Features

  • The diameter of the cookware is 10.25 Inches
  • It weighs only 2.86 Kilograms
  • The cookware comes Pre-seasoned
  • Compatible with induction cooktops

How good is this Roston cast iron cookware?

ROSTON Pre-Seasoned cookware is made with materials that will last. The seasoned cast iron is itself protective from corrosion. You can rely on daily cooking because it tolerates acids from food. You can cook any dish in this 10.25 Inch cookware. Without fearing rust, use the cookware. Undoubtedly, it is from one the best cast iron cookware brands—Fry in this cookware for generations to come.

A frying skillet is for cooking. So, heat distribution plays a significant role in supreme food quality. This cast iron skillet is just mind-blowing. It works on a superior technology that aids in heating efficiency. From the metals to the design, everything is up for heat distribution. Rely on the cookware for cooking mouth-watering dishes that stays warmer. You can cook your meals beforehand, and the dishes will be fresh. Thus, you save time and energy with such efficient cookware.

Health is wealth. All the healthy, life-changing decisions root in your food. It depends upon the cookware you are using. Using this cookware, you can do so. Increase your food’s iron quantity by as much as 20%, which benefits your health.


  • 20% more iron dissipates into the food, making it healthier.
  • You can grill, broil, braise and sauté non-veg and veg.
  • Due to the cast iron material, the skillet retains heat.
  • Pre-seasoned cookware assures greater longevity.
  • The food remains hot and fresh for a long.


  • The surface is not so smooth.
  • It is not dishwasher safe.

Why Should You Buy This Roston Cast Iron Cookware?

ROSTON Pre-Seasoned skillet pan allows you to cook as you want. It is best for cooking veg as well as non-veg. a healthier option since iron dissipation makes healthier dishes.

9. Embassy Cast Iron Skillet/Frying Pan

Embassy Cast Iron Skillet/Frying Pan

Typical Features

  • The diameter of the skillet is 8 inches
  • It weighs 1.55 Kilograms
  • The cookware is available in pre-seasoned condition
  • Can be used on gas/induction/electric stoves

How good is this Embassy cast iron cookware?

The embassy is the best cast iron cookware brand for cooking. You can cook anything in any way possible, from sautéing to pan-frying for frying foods, in contrast, searing and roasting for heavy non-veg meals—Cook delicious desserts by easy-breezy baking. Versatile cooking can save you time and money. As a single frying pan will cater to all your needs, cook freely. Cut down on your cooking time and fulfill your desires through this frying pan.

It is Pre-seasoned with – No synthetic or chemical coating used. Also, this cast iron cookware is pre-seasoned with nutritional 100% vegetable oil. Thus, you can rely on it for a healthy lifestyle. Using this cookware is a savior for you and your family. It has no fancy coatings that are toxins. Therefore, carcinogenic materials do not contaminate your food. You gain eat pure, organic foods with no drops of chemicals.

Apart from household needs, you can carry this frying pan for camping and other outdoor activities. You can heat efficiently in campfires. Thus it is perfect. It is lightweight of 1.55 Kilograms so that you can take it anywhere with ease.

It retains heat quickly, so it accounts for faster cooking. You can use it anywhere on any cooking surface, like a gas stove or induction. It is an absolute delight to use the cookware because you can clean comfortably.


  • Lightweight 1.55 Kilograms makes it highly portable.
  • It has no chemical coating, which makes it healthy.
  • You can cook versatile dishes.
  • It retains heat efficiently, so it cooks faster.
  • The elegant design makes it user-friendly.


  • You cannot wash it in dishwashers.
  • It is not safe to use in a oven.

Why Should You Buy This Embassy Cast Iron Cookware?

You can trust this frying pan because of its chemical-free surface. It can cook any healthy dish at a rapid pace. It retains heat, so it is a viable option for frying, sautéing, and so forth.

10. Indus Valley’s Cast Iron Cookware Set

Indus Valley’s Cast Iron Cookware Set

Typical Features

  • Small kadhai of capacity 1.5-liters
  • Skillet with a diameter of 10-inches
  • The total weight is 6.74 Kg

How good is this Indus Valley cast iron cookware?

This is the only product on the list with multiple cookware. You get a small kadhai with a capacity of 1.5-liters. A skillet with a diameter of 10-inches is also available. So, diversify your cooking with ease and prepare the tastiest meals.

You can start cooking over a gas stove using this cookware. The entire set is compatible with all kinds of cooktops, including induction. Efficiently bake a cake in the oven as well. There is simply nothing that can stop your cooking.


  • Excellent heat transfer capability.
  • Very easy to wash.
  • Ideal for cooking on induction and gas cooktop.
  • High quality cast iron construction.
  • It comes pre-seasoned at the time of purchase.


  • It is not dishwasher-friendly.
  • Do not use the cookware on ovens.

Why Should You Buy This Indus Valley Cast Iron Cookware?

This cookware set provides you a skillet and a kadhai. Both have the standard cast iron cookware features. Now double the cooking and enjoy making a variety of dishes.

What is Special About Cast Iron Cookware?

Cast iron cookware is the most durable of the products. Cast iron cookware gets produced as one single item. That means the entire cookware, including the handles, will be crafted out of a single piece of material.

A large number of customers prefer cast iron cookware. This popularity is due to the affordable prices of the products, the guarantee of long-lasting, among others. So, many brands are competing to produce the best cast iron cookware available in India.

At the time of purchase, cast iron cookware has already gone through seasoning. Seasoning of the products increases their life span and maintains a non-stick nature. You can do the same when required. Hence it is almost like you have landed an everlasting product. And what more do we want as a consumer?

Advantages of Using Cast Iron Cookware

So what exactly are the advantages of using cast iron cookware? Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Firstly, cast iron cookware is very durable. This cookware does stand the test of time and is capable enough to be passed through generation. Rusting of the products can also be taken care of through seasoning.
  • The cookware is capable of retaining heat for a long time. They also have an even heating area. Retaining the heat helps you keep your food warm.
  • Cast iron is not naturally non-stick. But the cookware crafted using it can be made non-stick. All you need to do is season the cookware, and you are ready for some efficient cooking.
  • You can practically use cast iron cookware on any heating source. These can be gas stoves or induction cooktops. The cookware is suited to go into an oven and can get used over a campfire. When you buy a cast iron cookware, you are enrolling for portable cooking.
  • As compared to the other cookware, cast iron ones are relatively cheap. This affordability, along with the guarantee of durability, forms a package that is best suited for the user’s benefits.
  • It is effortless to clean cast iron cookware. All you need is running hot water and a non-metal scrub. After washing, simply dry the cookware, and they are ready for use again.

Disadvantages of Using Cast Iron Cookware

Just like a coin, every product is susceptible to certain disadvantages. Let us take a look at some cast iron cookware.

  • Cookware made of cast iron is naturally a bit heavy. The heaviness can make it a bit difficult for the user to handle them. After all, efficient cooking requires the flexibility of the cookware to get used as desired.
  • Cast iron cookware does not guarantee an even heat distribution. Sure they heat up quite fast and can retain heat for a long time. But to distribute the absorbed heat evenly, you need to keep the cookware on the heat for a long time.
  • Cooking acidic food like a tomato can be a bit risky for cast iron cookware. The acidic properties of the food react with the iron elements of the cookware. As a result, you will have an altered taste of food or discolored food.
  • The cookware, made of cast iron, is very vulnerable to rusting. If not correctly taken care of, the rust can affect the lifespan of the product. You can easily handle the rusting, however, by seasoning the cookware from time to time.

Why Should You Buy a Cast Iron Cookware?

You simply cannot go wrong when selecting a cast iron cookware. The following are the reasons why.

best cast iron cookware in India
  • It is one of the most durable forms of cookware available. When properly taken care of, you can practically pass it down through generations.
  • Non-stick nature of the cookware can be recreated by merely seasoning them. The product itself is not non-stick, but you can make it the same from time to time.
  • You can effortlessly use them in an oven. Not to mention the cookware is suitable for any kind of cooktops. It is the flexibility of cooking you simply cannot ignore.
  • The cookware is available at a very affordable price. It is, in fact, one of the cheapest of all the cookware available.
  • Washing them is no hassle. Simply get them under running hot water and scrub the food particles off. Dry them, and they are ready as new.
  • You can easily take care of the rusting by seasoning the cookware from time to time. You are increasing the durability of the product from time to time.

Buying guide to choose the best cast iron cookware in India

The following are the most crucial key decision-making factors you need to check when purchasing a cast iron cookware. It will help you choose the best quality cast iron cookware for your kitchen.

Types of cast iron cookware

  • Kadai is the main cooking instrument for the Indians. For any Asian culinary, you can cook on this cookware. Especially suitable for cooking gravy, these cookwares are amazing. Due to the solid base in a Kadai, it heats up nicely. Thus, it cooks well.
  • A cast iron frying pan, also known as skillets, is a heavenly product. They are one in all cookware. You can sauté, broil, braise, or even bake. Thus, getting them is perfect for all sorts of dishes all over the world.
  • Cast iron saucepans are great for preparing dishes like omelets, pancakes, etc. They are another form of skillet that caters to all the boiling needs. Its design spreads heat evenly. Thus, you can boil tea or coffee. Omelet pans are also great for egg recipes.
  • Tawa fulfills the basic cooking needs. The heavy iron Tawa perfectly bakes chappatis. You can fetch them for making culinary like a nun, paratha, and others.
  • Dutch ovens are fit for making broiling, browning, and searing. You can cook pasta and a one-pot meal in them.
  • Wedge pan is an absolute delight for baking desserts and pastries.

Other than all the cast ironwares mentioned above, there are several others. You must select one according to your purpose of use.

Capacity of the cast iron cookware

Capacity is an essential factor to be considered for a cast iron cookware. The ideal size for you will depend on your requirements. This holds for both pans and skillets.

Analyze your requirements in the beginning. Cookware of larger capacity will serve a larger family—the correct cookware capacity is essential for efficient cooking.

User-friendly design

Cast iron cookware is made in such a way that it has a sturdy base. Due to the cast iron and such fantastic design, it looks better. The heat spreads so well that the food becomes nutritious. They come in a dark silvery or blackish color. Such magnificent colors style your kitchen. 

High durability of cast iron

Cast iron cookware is highly durable as Cast iron is a non-malleable metal. It can bypass extraordinary conditions like high temperatures, heat, and other cooking pressures.

Its sturdy features make it more robust and less brittle. It won’t wear and tear easily like other cookware. So, you can use them for generations to come. Due to the non-corrosive texture, you can cook daily. Highly acidic foods cannot harm the cookware because of their durable materials.

Comfortable handles

Handles play an essential role in maneuvering the cookware. As such, the stems should be entirely or maximum heat resistant. Check the design of the product for the same. Also, check whether the handles allow a firm grip for the user.

Seasoning of cast iron cookware

Normally, cast iron cookware is seasoned at the time of purchase. This pre-seasoning helps the user a lot as the cookware is ready for use. Check whether the cookware is capable of being seasoned once again. The ones incapable of the same are not durable products.

Weight and size

It should come as no surprise that cast iron cookware is heavy. The medium-sized skillets can weigh as much as 3kg. As such, you need to check the weight of the product.

The weight should be such that you can maneuver the cookware with ease. At the time of purchase, do pick up the products and check whether they are easy to handle.


It should come as no surprise that cost is an essential factor to be considered. Usually, cast iron cookware is pretty affordable. This is because the cost of production tends to be on the lower vertical. The recyclable property makes it more cost-effective.

After you season it, you can use it for generations to come. Unlike the non-stick cookware, they are will stay longer. You can quickly refurbish the areas with wear and tear and reuse them. Its high usability cuts your maintenance budget.  

Best cast iron cookware brands


Lodge is a trustworthy brand that has been manufacturing the best quality cookware. For more than a century, they have had expertise in making cast iron cookware. The cast iron Kadai of this brand is highly durable. They have expertise in building durable products that serve for long. Cast iron pan with 12 inches length fits larger families. The Lodge skillet has a non-stick coating for easy cooking. You can choose any of the cookware from the brand.

Indus Valley

Indus Valley cast iron cookwares are known for toxin-free cooking. They don’t have any poisonous coating that can harm your health. You can get a cast iron frying pan, Kadai, Tawa, and others. If you want quality cooking, then this brand is perfect as it cooks slowly.

Rock Tawa

Rock Tawa is a renowned Indian brand that produces pre-seasoned cookware. Their iron cast cookware is recyclable, made from Green sand molding. 5.2 cm deep Rock Tawa perfectly incorporates for new guests. 4.2 mm thick Tawa will heat up well. Hence, you can quickly cook brilliantly. Their core expertise lies in making credible products for humans as well as nature.


Vinod is another reputed Indian brand that is known for perfection. Their expertise encompasses all the needs of their customers as the iron cast kadai is a wholesome pack for cooking.


Trilonium is an Indian brand that caters to several trustworthy iron cast cookware. They include dosa Tawa, Kadai, dutch oven, grill pans, and saucepans.

We also recommend other brands like the embassy. It is a fantastic cooking brand that is expertise in making durable cookware. Iron cast cookwares are their specialty. Similarly, two other brands like Roston and Amazonbasics have good dominance. You can trust Roston for nutritious foods. In comparison, Amazonbasics is known for the quality products like frying pans.

cast iron cookware safety

Is Cast Iron Cookware Safe for Cooking?

Much like any other cookware, cast iron ones are safe for use. However, it is best to take some safety measures to prevent any accidents.

  • Refrain from cooking acidic foods like a tomato in a cast iron cookware. The metal reacts with such food and alters the taste and texture. It is also harmful to your health.
  • Cast iron cookware retains heat for a long time. So be sure to use mittens or dry cloth when handling them.
  • After seasoning remembers to wipe off the excess oil, you can bake the cookware as well for the same. This excess oil, if not handled, can mix with your cooking and harm your health.
  • Whenever you observe rusting on the cookware surface, season it. Otherwise, the rust will react with your food and make it harmful for consumption. You will detect this by the metal-like taste of your diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can cast iron cookware be used on induction cooktops?

Yes, cast iron cookware is suitable for use on induction cooktops. Unlike other cookware, cast iron ones are usable on any form of heating source. This feature adds to its popularity.
So be it an induction cooktop or a gas stove, you are good to go. You will have to heat it for some time, though. Regardless of the heating source, cast iron cookware is not good at distributing heat.

What are the uses of cast iron skillets and pans?

The use of cast iron skillets and pans is the same as any other cookware. You can use them for cooking your meals. The cooking options are diverse and include frying, boiling, baking, among others.
When you use the cast iron products, you get the guarantee of durability. Add to this the comfortable to clean nature of the cookware. You simply cannot go wrong; you are using a cast iron skillet or pan. Furthermore, the price is also pretty affordable.

What size cast iron skillet should you buy?

The ideal size for a cast iron skillet depends entirely on the user. So before making a purchase, analyze your requirements. The size of the skillets is measured based on their diameter.
Usually, the diameter of the skillet varies between 7 to 15-inches. You can also get more substantial sizes. If you are serving a broader audience, the size of the skillet has to be more significant. So get your requirements figured out to select the ideal skillet size.

How to season cast iron cookware?

The best cast iron cookware for Indian cooking comes pre-seasoned at the time of purchase. You do need to season it again after some time. Follow the below-mentioned steps for the same.
1. Clean the pan with hot water.
2. Scrub the surface to get rid of any rust.
3. Wash the cookware and dry it.
4. Cover the cookware surface with oil.
5. Place it in a preheated oven and bake for about an hour.
6. It will be ideal if you let the cookware cool down in the oven itself.
Otherwise, take out the cookware and wipe the excess oil off the surface.
Once you follow these steps, you will have seasoned cast iron cookware.

How to store cast iron cookware?

Proper storage adds to the durability of all products. To begin with, the best place to store cast iron cookware on the oven. Ideally, the storage space should be a dry one.
So keep the cookware on a dry shelf or someplace away from moisture. The top of a cooktop would also be the right choice. You can even hang the products from the wall. If you plan on stacking the cookware, remember to place a paper towel in between them.

How to clean cast iron cookware?

Cleaning is one of the most natural aspects of cast iron cookware. A large number of customers are attracted to the cookware for the same reason.
1. Begin by washing the cookware under running hot water.
2. Scrub using a non-metal brush to get rid of sticky food.
3. Wipe the cookware with a dry cloth.
4. Heat it over a low to medium flame.
5. Add a little oil to the cookware surface.
6. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth until it looks completely smooth.
Once you complete the steps mentioned above, you will have clean cast iron cookware.


Cast iron is a very durable and easy-to-handle form of cookware. The low price of the products further attributes to their popularity. This compels the best cast iron cookware brands in India to compete in producing high-quality products.

This article will provide you with all the necessary information about cast iron cookware. The buying guide will help to decide on a purchase. So give the article another read if you still have some questions and get the perfect product in 2021.

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